background homepage HANGSTRAWT thatchers leave little of their craft behind them… A carpenter’s skill can be seen for centuries; the stone mason’s legacy is even longer; but a thatcher’s work is gone in a few decades at most. Passing on this relatively ephemeral craft to the next generation, is the only sure means of posterity a thatcher can achieve. Having already done that, it seemed to be a good idea to also share my experience in the trade, with a wider audience; in the form of a comprehensive guide to this useful and beautiful craft. This expertise is not only mine; but also that passed down to me, from the generations of thatchers who have gone before…

zzzx1016I welcome your feedback and any questions relating to the craft. But please do not ask me to price any thatching work, or give an opinion on any existing thatch. There are close on a thousand thatchers in Britain who can do this and I am not now one of them. Being an independent bunch, this also means that there are very likely around the same number of differing working methods; this site describes just a few of those.

Look forward to hearing from you…..”Hangstraw